Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dont let the besoms get you down

My collection of woodworking tools is getting quite out of control now. Following a trip to mothers I have now purchased from Leek Market an antique besom vice. This item is used to hold bundles of seasoned birch twigs so they can be tied together with wire or a strong length of bark to make the traditional head that makes a "witches broom". Really pleased to see one as they are pretty rare as you can imagine. 
I have also been busy making spoons from the yew wood I acquired whilst on holiday in Somerset. 
In a couple of weeks I am meeting up in a local wood for a days bodging in the woods, really looking forward to it and I hope to make a new frame for my besom vice and possibly crop some birch branches for next years Halloween.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Too busy to write!

Been on holiday so sorry that I have not written much recently. Have been making some yew spoons with timber aquired whilst in somerset from church yards. It is jolly nice timber too! There have been lots of autumnal wood fairs in the last few weeks which is very encouraging and have met more local bodgy types. I have also finally tracked down a local group to share my insanity with! will write more soon and hope to get pictures up of my lovely kelly kettle.