Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wollaton Park 2011 Notts Wildlife Trust Welly Wanging!

On Saturday  William and myself were invited by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to do some green wood work with visitors to their stand. As part of the activities to support the Welly Wanging, William made some Gypsy flowers using some green Willow cut that morning from the river bank behind my house.

William can be seen in this photo using a draw knife to cut thin slithers of willow to form the flower shape. Eventually taking the slithers cuts through the willow stem leaving a head of shavings. A little hole was then made using a gimlet and mounted on a thin willow twig. You can see examples of the finished work by the pole lathe in the first photo in this update.
I was helping customers use the pole lathe and I have learnt from experience that small children can be put off using the lathe due to getting the shaving into their eyes. Thankfully I had a brillient model for my shaving protection system or Goggles for short in the guise of my great nephew he decided they were "cool"!

Wollaton park is a wonderful venue known for its deer herds, the stag do not seem to be phased by anything and a bit of Welly Wanging was not going to stop them going for a stroll in search of acorns.

They even wanted to get involved in promoting the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust it seemed

Also at the event was Bob who is a wonderful bloke, here he is making traditional besoms

I would like to say thanks also to Bob for the wonderful ash wood his team supplied to me it has been much admired by members of the east midlands bodgers.

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