Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Kit and Kaboodle

My obsession for all things woody have now moved on to the world of fret saws. I recently purchased a treadle fret saw which will be wonderful for demonstrations and creates some lovely work too. I use mainly recycled timbers wherever I can and at the moment I am making name plates and a heck of a lot of easter bunnies so many infact Grommit is calling in Anti Pesto.

If anyone wants a reasonably priced name plate or any other fret saw related item please send me a message.

I have also started to get the Pole Lathe I rescued from the east coast during all that foul weather we had in November fit for the public. it is made from incredibly splintery wood so I am planing it down and have cut 3 inches off the legs as it was a giants pole lathe.

On St Georges / Easter Sunday the east midlands bodgers will be whittling in the woods in Sherwood forest so I hope to use this lathe as my touring kit.

In May I am taking it off to my first Bodgers Ball so a light weight easily transportable lathe is what I need