Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bodging Balls and Baubles

wow this is me what seems like a age ago now a year older and wiser at the bodgers ball celebrating my third place and surviving the weekend in the smallest wettest tent I have ever had the misfortune to sleep in. I was not kidding when I said i wanted to sleep in the porta loos!

Any how it was a great weekend which started off at Mike Abbotts place as he had just launched a new book on chair making using a Veritas tenon maker and cordless drills This is a shot of his office the lucky bugger!
From what I recall that evening I drank alot of very good quality and stupidly cheap real ale and shared my table with a TV and tax celebrity . I later settled down to the first of my sleeps from hell as the rain started to fall with occasional thunder rumbles.

Saturday was wet and soggy! This is a view from Lower Brockhampton Hall which was a lovely timber framed house on a National Trust Estate in Hereford.
Fortunately by the afternoon it stopped raining and allowed the English style hewers to show how to convert a trunk into a beam.

This is Robin wood much famed for his spoon and bowl making showing off his chopper! a Japanese one at that.
The evening involved a lovely meal and more beer and stupid amounts of beer to wash away the rain which was by now torrential, sadly it did not wash away my tent tho.....

Amazingly the weather cleared up by the afternoon allowing Ben Orford to demonstrate the art of knife sharpening, I got a crook knife as my birthday present to myself and it is quite superb.

The Bird is made from a single piece of willow by Sean Hellerman who is a very clever man he made one in 20 minutes or so and it was very impressive.

This Item was from the competition I don't think it won anything but I just loved the shape and feel of it. The timber is Poplar wood and is very light.

The music stand won best in show.

All in all a fantastic weekend and I cannot wait for next years Ball in Dorset.

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