Friday, 17 June 2011

Previous Works, The Green Men, Buddha and the Tideswell Wyvern

Many people have been asking to see examples of other carvings I have done so I am putting them on my blog so you can all see.
The photo above is carved from Sycamore and finished with danish oil, I did not follow any particular design as I wanted the piece to look quite natural.

This Carving was one of my first and probably the design I most enjoyed creating. It is based on a Victorian wall tile which can still be seen in Manchester Town Hall I just love the shape and the tongue. This example shows a Green man with fangs which is very unusual. The timber is Lime and again it is finished in Danish oil.

This carving is of a Buddha, I got the inspiration from a plaster book end I purchased I used a contour comb to assist in getting the shaping correct but much of it came down to looking and studying of my own face to get the right effect, the timber is Lime wood and the finish is Danish oil which I use for much of my work.

This Image is again one of my favorites it is of a dragon or wyvern and it represents the devil. This carving comes from The Cathedral in the Peak otherwise known as Tideswell Church in Derbyshire. I managed to obtain a lovely piece of old English oak and carved it mainly using Pfiel brand carving palm tools I think I used a bees wax finish on this carving

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