Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Two by two.............

been a long time since I last wrote anything so I need to get up to date. As the winter weather has stopped me from being a nature loving bodger, I have spent my time sorting out the cellar and setting up the work shop. I am now in the process of setting up a huge Record quick release vice on my bench and installing another bench I have aquired from work which also comes with a quick release vice. I recently went on a hair raising trip to a very snowy and slippery Lincolnshire coast to pick up a pole lathe to add to my collection. This is now stored in the kitchen until I finally decide where it is going to live. Should be brillient for demonstrations and save me having to keep taking apart my Guy Mallinson lathe.
On an out door note I have recently met up with the Nottingham bodgers at sherwood forest and watched a demo of bowl turning which was magic, I have got photos which I will put on when I can find the right USB cable!

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