Tuesday, 6 July 2010

First Demonstration. Done!

A wonderful venue for my first contact with the public. The lathe did not take long to set up and maybe the timbers have dried out since I last had to handle them or I have got stronger but they certainly did not feel as heavy.
I decided to keep it simple making spoons tho I never did get one completed. Thankfully this did not matter as the afternoon was taken up with educating the visitors to my site with information about what a pole lathe and shave horse can do, even the hardest West Hallam Massiv Lad went away with a positive comment.
The Wonder Boy William came to give me some well needed leg power and to help me to improve my teaching skills, using the kit in a park feels so different to working in my own back garden and it was useful to make my mistakes with a relation and not the public!
I am back on show again in a week so the experience has given me plenty of ideas for my next demonstration.

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