Sunday, 15 August 2010

Grr Glandular Fever or is it Councillitis?

Being struck down with a lergy but the work must go on so I have made a Bowl Horse, which is simply a platform on 4 legs which is useful in the production of Bowls. It basicly securely anchors the timber whilst you carve and holds the piece at a good height so I am not bending my back. For some strange reason it looks like it only has 3 legs in the photo. The body is made of poplar wood and the legs from some ash that came from near Newstead village and got squirrelled into my car. I have only had a little play with it but in spite of its odd looks it holds timber well and seems suprisingly stable. I think when I make another I would splay the legs outward more to support the ends of the bed. On the whole for a first attempt though I am very pleased.

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