Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Sorry a while since my last post but i have been so busy. Have got a second draw knife now thanks to Binsley carboot and i would like to say Hildick of Sheffield made amazing tools, it is just so sharp! Have also picked up a couple of axes and some chisels to restore on rainy days.
Fridays dog walk bought me the welcome sight of some cut poplar branches thanks to the Bestwood Wardens so I am dragging it home at the moment along with some sycamore they chopped on Monday.
What am i doing with it? well making spoons! had a glorious sunday afternoon in the pole lathe with the lovely Antonio who was just loving coming round to mine for a quick treadle and he was very good at it too. Will put some photos on later to show how i make a rough spoon shape in the wood on the lathe and then split the wood with my Frost knife down the middle and then hollow the bowl out with a spoon shaped gouge to stop the wood splitting and voila a spoon comes to life.
Sat in Rita and Jims front garden last night enjoying wine, sunset and Rita asking some very wise questions about carving whilst whittling a spoon fron the Poplar I collected.
I am spending some time in Sneinton this week end with a viking group at the windmill so who knows maybe my first spoon sold will be to a real life viking!

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